Why Japan?

Japan is an amazing country. From the grandeur of Mt. Fuji to peace of a hillside bamboo forest, its natural beauty inspires both awe and quiet contemplation. The people of Japan are courteous, hard-working and self-sacrificing. The products of Japan, from electronics to systems of management, have influenced and bettered the global economy. The culture of Japan, from sushi to anime, inspires generations to dedicate themselves to craftsmanship and perfection.

As foreigners living in Japan, we have been blessed by our Japanese friends. We have learned to be less concerned about ourselves and more concerned with others. We’ve been taught new ways of seeing the world, new ways of communication, and new ways of loving others. For all of this, we are extremely grateful.

Alongside our gratitude, we also hold heartbreak. As followers of Jesus, our hearts break that only 1% have a loving relationship with Christ.

Modern Japanese are adrift on a sea of rapid social change, and society offers little hope. Pressure to conform and perform is crushing. Alcoholism is prevalent. Families are increasingly dysfunctional, with emotional and physical abuse on the rise each year. Traditional values and religion fail to answer the questions many modern Japanese are asking about their own existence. The majority of Japanese young people believe they have little chance for happiness in life.

We believe that Jesus Christ is waiting to bless these people, and that living in a loving relationship with Him will bring True Life to the nation of Japan. It is our desire that through our witness and work the entire nation of Japan will be transformed by the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


What we do.

We work alongside visionary Japanese believers to help reveal the love of Jesus (proclaim Christ), to help young believers to grow (raise disciples), and to start new fellowships (multiply churches).

Our vision is to see already existing communities transformed into Christ-communities.

In the New Testament, the disciples sent out by Jesus were to bring transformation. People already belonged to naturally occurring communities. When a person became a follower of Jesus, they remained in their community. Through their own personal transformation and influence, they sought the transformation of their community to being a Christ-centered one.

With this same model, we strive to concretely support the transformation of new believers’ families, workplaces, human relationships, schools,  and cities (any venue where ‘community already exists’) into ‘Christ communities’, functioning on the principles of the Kingdom of God.

To help facilitate this, we partner with Japanese believers to start new Kingdom-based business and education models that are salt and light in our communities. Locally, we are working to love our community, raise new leaders and start new, reproducing churches. Nationally, we are developing believers to lead fellowships and to help foster a church multiplication movement.