What’s on the plate…

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We have identified five projects/themes on which we believe Jesus is calling us to work over this next year. Actually, all are fairly big, and we need to figure out how we are going to make it happen. But so that we can move forward, we have decided to limit ourselves to these. If a project is not on this list, we will ask ourselves if it should be, and if not, will not take it on. In no specific order, this is where we are going.

Don’t worry too much about the names of the projects, but rather check out the details. If any of these projects are of interest to you, please pray. If you want to get involved, no matter where you are, please contact us.

Lifeway Network
This is a network that is designed to encourage and equip disciples serving in house/organic churches. One area that we would like to expand is that of  internationals relocating to the Kansai region and taking jobs to influence culture/society. If you have been thinking about pursuing missions via the marketplace, please contact us. We would love to explore options with you.

We will explore over the next six months transitioning our school to a larger ministry. Based on the concept of “family integrated learning” we envision it producing its own textbooks (first using iOS and then Android platforms) and promoting an educational approach that will allow Japanese nationals to start their own businesses. Recent changes by Japan’s National Board of Education opened the door to new possibilities and we think we can tap the market in a way that has a lasting impact on society. Because we are taking a “family integrated” approach, we foresee doors opening beyond the world of English to include parent/child relationships and marriages. We are very excited about the potential.

Life Design Network
This is a life/business coaching company started by our Japanese ministry partners. We are collaborating with it as staff. (Website) Over the next six months we will explore how we can work to coach international business teams, and to coach Japanese families preparing to be transferred overseas. We see a huge opportunity in both of these areas.

Asia/Japan House Church Conference
This will take place in Tokyo in July, 2012. We are part of a working team to prepare for this.

Disaster Response Network
Before 3/11 last year, you may remember we began work on a network that would equip house/organic churches to  minister after a disaster. (We actually began working on this 1.5 years before last March.) We put it on hold in order to focus on helping in northern Japan, but now will pursue it. Focused on house/organic churches, creating a network will both equip people in Japan, and provide a contact point for international relief to enter Japan.

Thank you for your ministry partnership.