What a blessing!

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One of the great things about this is work is that we get blessed all the time. About ten years ago, when working in Yokohama, our mentors Jim and Masako Millard shared with us, “Whenever you get the chance to spend time with a man of God, go for it.” This happened in a big way this past weekend.

Our church helped to sponsor a men’s ministry meeting in Osaka, with the speaker coming from Indonesia. Our desire is to help men be men based on a Biblical definition of manhood.

One day an email came saying that the hotels were all booked up in the area, so if anyone had any ideas on what to do, to let people know. Wendi and I wrote that its no problem for anyone who needs a place to stay with us. The next thing we knew, we hear that the speaker, his wife and a co-worker would be staying with us. That sounded great.

Oh my gosh, we so under estimated this. Shoot! This is a pastor of a church of 25,000! Yes, that is three zeros! They have 75 services on Sunday and uncountable house meetings. His church leads 300 men’s ministry overnight camps a year, and they have trained over 100,000 men on Biblical manhood. And they’re sleeping in our guest room!

In addition to great sessions, the car rides to and from the event and breakfasts in the morning gave us the chance to ask this amazing couple about ministry. We learned that in spite of terrible persecution in their country (including seeing very graphic pictures) God is transforming a nation. What struck us the most was their humility. With all that God has done through them, they have not lost sight that it is all about Jesus.

We learned from and experienced great ministry this weekend. Now we are preparing to bless others. Pray for us, and with us, as we seek to launch new ministry to men in Japan.

Our friends Jim (back row) and Masako (next to Wendi) along with friends from Indonesia. (We are leaving out their names just to be extra sure of security issues.) Pastor Fujii is on the left.


We are so blessed!