Posted on Posted in 2011, Ministry News

We’ve been working with our Japanese partners to clarify our vision for developing leaders and multiplying churches over the next three years. It’s all Jesus-based, and reflects a culturally relevant approach for doing it in Japan. It is a paradigm that we have not used before, yet we believe honors the uniqueness of Japan. Here is our vision statement. (Lifeway Network is the name we have given to this work.)

Lifeway Network Vision: To develop ‘Christ Communities’ where community already exists.

The disciples sent out by Jesus were to bring transformation. People already belonged to naturally occurring communities. A new disciple of Christ stayed in the community, seeking its transformation into a Christ-centered community through their presence.

With this same model, Lifeway Network seeks to concretely support the transformation of new believers’ families, workplaces, human relationships, schools, cities, any venue where ‘community already exists’ into ‘Christ communities’ functioning on the principles of the Kingdom of God.

Additionally, we are constructing new Kingdom-based business and education models to see Kingdom expansion through being salt and light in our communities.

Missional at the core, we want to see transformation take place throughout society. Everywhere we find community, we want to see Kingdom communities.