Two Are Better

Posted on Posted in 2008, Ministry News

Our model for church planting here in the city of Sanda is what we call “Organic Church”. We aren’t looking to do things based on what is going on anyplace else, other than what is relevant to this city. We also aren’t looking to invite people to church. We are “taking church to the city”, or put another way, we are more interested in “being church” than “doing church”.

So where’s the best place to “be the church” on a beautiful fall day last weekend? Any place but indoors! “Yeah, like I want to sit around inside when everything outside is screaming out praise to the Creator.” Check out the cosmos (below) near where we met. So, since we have no buildings and meet in homes, we just put out the word to meet at the park. Better yet, there were a ton of people at the park.


On this morning, we hashed out the meaning of “two are better than one” from Ecclesiastes. The kids present were more interested in a ambulance that came to take someone from another group who had been stung by a wasp. (Ah, the perils of church outdoors…) Then we brought it to their level, simply saying the dodge ball bites when you try to play it by yourself. They agreed. Then we all played dodge ball together. Now they understand that “two are better than one”.


The Christian life bites when we try to go it at alone. It’s not what God intended. Never was in the plan. So here in Sanda, on beautiful fall days, we are being the church wherever we can. Taking it to the people. Having a lot of fun. Two are better than one.