Tsunami Update

Posted on Posted in 2011, Ministry News

Thank you for your prayers for Japan and us. Our family, and all members of our mission are safe and accounted for.

All Asian Access missionaries were attending a mission meeting near Tokyo when the initial quake struck, which caused us to evacuate the building. We did not have our computers with us at this meeting (it was a retreat and we were ‘unplugging’) and as a result have not updated much until arriving home Monday evening, Japan time. Mid-retreat we shifted focus and Asian Access spent much time discussing and planning on how to provide relief. Please pray for us. We will be partnering with multiple organizations to do this.

Personally, we live near Osaka and Kobe, which is maybe 700km from the disaster area. Our city is fine.

We partner with numerous churches in the area that has been affected, including a church just two kilometers from the damaged nuclear power plant. We are gathering information so as to know how we may best help them. Our current plan is to focus our work on coming alongside churches and provide whatever we can to help them aid their local communities.

For information on giving to relief efforts through Asian Access, please follow this link.

We post regularly on Facebook and it is the quickest way to get information. Here is a link to Peter’s page. We use Facebook often, and it is the quickest way to contact us.

We will have meetings Tuesday and Wednesday to continue to make plans. Please pray for us, as we are now being contacted by multiple relief organizations, including many that need translators. Honestly, most of this this is way beyond our capabilities; however, we know this is why we are here.

Again, thank you for your prayers for Japan.

Peter and Wendi