Tsunami Update

Posted on Posted in 2011, Ministry News

I find it hard to document the ministry that is going on in the tsunami areas. For the most part, we are just too busy. Sometimes it seems cold and unnatural to pull out a camera and start taking pictures of people that are suffering. Very often I find my self thinking, ‘darn, I wish I had a picture of such-and-such.’

A little over a month after the tsunami hit, an aid organization called Healing Hands International sent a video crew to capture what was happening. Hurray for the pros! This video does a great job of showing what we are doing.

The workers in the video are both Japanese and foreign nationals, and come from many different missions and churches. We have a great sense of Kingdom teamwork. Funds, materials and manpower has come from many different organizations, but in the end it is all about glorifying Jesus and loving on people.

Since the filming of this video, we have continued on with  a ministry of providing relief goods, cleaning homes and businesses, and community barbecues. At every opportunity, we listen to the heart’s of people as they share stories of survival and we share the good news of hope.