Trial Week

Posted on Posted in 2011, Ministry News

This week is ‘Trial Week’ for the second year students at K’s junior high school. During trial week, students spend the week ‘on the job’, working at various places around the city to experience what working is like. Students have a number of options to chose from. K has been interested for some time in inventing things, so he decided to work this week in a factory. The factory makes fasteners and gaskets for industrial use. It should be a great experience for him.

Two weeks ago we exposed K to a different kind of trial, when Peter and co-worker Ray took him to Ishinomaki to help with disaster relief. He was a trooper during the twelve-hour car drive, sleeping on the floor of a karate dojo, and putting in fifteen-hour days. We wanted K to experience serving others, and he did with all his heart.

With the car loaded with BBQ supplies for 500 people, we headed off to meet team members already in Ishinomaki.


K manned the vegetable section at one of our food distribution sites.


A few hours later, at the same site, we held a BBQ for the local residents, who are trying to get their lives back together. After the BBQ, K hung out with Uncle Eric and some of the locals.


The next day, we spent most of the day cleaning the clogged gutters of the neighborhood where we will have a new base. They were filled with the worst things imagined, and here is K doing a great job of shoveling it.



K ended his time by responding to the needs of the people. We learned that kids are needing underwear, so Uncle Eric and he went shopping. He was great with buying more underwear than he would ever need.


We’re thankful for this opportunity for K, and praying that Jesus will continue to grow his heart to love the people of Japan.