The Office

Posted on Posted in 2012, Family News

When we moved to our current location eight years, I was excited to finally have an office. A desk, bookshelves, a couch for meetings and matching curtains and rugs. It was the first time I had my own office. Kind of cool. It was a great place to work and for the kids to occasionally hang out in, like when watching a movie below.

Fast forward a few years, and the kids needed their own workspace. I ditched the couch for a desk for the kids, and the bookshelf used to display stuff was replaced by a set of electronic drums. The couch was hard to let go of, but the trade-off of having drums in the room was nice. Made it easy to give lessons right from my desk.

Jump ahead to the present day. Next week our youngest enters elementary school and everyone needs work space. Time for another shift. The drums got moved out. Bookshelves got moved out. Desks moved in. My office is now OUR workroom. Homework-central after school lets out. And room for Wendi, too!

Best thing about the new layout? When everyone is here, there is more silliness taking place then on TV’s ‘The Office’. I would like to think I’m a little better boss than Michael Scott, but you’ll have to ask the kids about that.

What a blessing children are! I love my family and that we share this life together. Loving Jesus together, loving one another, loving our city.