Super Funky Fall Harvest Party

Posted on Posted in 2010, Ministry News

On November 7, we held a “Super Funky Fall Harvest Party” for students, and their families, of our English classes. About 50 people attended. The goal of the event was to provide a place for families to gather and for parents and children to have fun together, in the context of learning English. We combined simple English with crazy games to create a wacky time of laughter and acceptance. It was great to see parents playing with their kids and everyone just hanging out. We also had a speaker share about the importance of family.

Here’s a group shot from the party.

We plan on continuing with the “Super Funky” series and our next event will be a “Super Funky Christmas Party” on December 23. At this party we will be explaining the meaning of Christmas. And having a whole lot of fun!