Relief Update

Posted on Posted in 2011, Ministry News

Thank you for those who have come here for updates on our work. For the past 2.5 weeks, I (Peter) was working in Sendai to provide relief to disaster victims. It was an intense two weeks, and I choose to not spend much time updating our blog. Apologies for that. I am now back at our home and taking a few days with my children before their new school years starts on Thursday.

I will be writing a much longer report soon, and will include photos. The work we were able to do felt like five loaves and two fish, a small offering in the face of massive need. However, I saw the evidence of Christ’s love everywhere we went, and I know that it is his infinite love that will sustain Japan throughout this crisis. We received and delivered at least 150 tons of relief, provided intel to relief organizations so that they could get the stuff that people need, delivered relief to multiple sites, helped in anyway we could, and established a base camp that will be able to receive volunteer teams over the next year.

Thank you for praying for Japan. May the love of Christ reach far and wide these days. We have hope. We have faith. We have love.