Manga Messiah

Posted on Posted in 2009, Ministry News

While in Tokyo last week to meet with leaders from mission agencies across Japan, I met the general director of a publishing company. They recently released a manga (comic) version of the Bible that is now being distributed throughout the world. The power of manga is amazing! We gave K- the first three books in the series on his birthday, and our kids are always reading them.

Back to Tokyo… the director said that they had a donor that would cover sending us two boxes of Bibles if we would cover the shipping. I was so excited! These Bibles are sold in bookstores (not only Christian stores) at about $10 a piece. We were offered $1000 worth of bibles for $25! And these are Bibles that children AND adults will read cover to cover, over and over.

The agreement is that we will use them for evangelism. No problem there! So on Sunday, we took some time to pray over them and pray for the people who will receive them with members of our house church. In this picture, K- is praying.


Join us in praying for the Japanese who will be receiving these copies of the New Testament!