Learning to Ride

Posted on Posted in 2008, Family News

What’s life like in Japan? Well, in many ways the same as anywhere else. Except the fact that we are speaking Japanese and eating raw fish, we do much of the same things that people do around the world.

Last week was a big week for T-, his first time to ride without training wheels. It took two days of Wendi and me gently holding his seat before he was off on his own. Now he is off to terrorize the neighborhood as “Lightning McQueen”.

Toby Learns to Ride

Life is full of firsts, and we hope they never stop. The excitement of taking steps of faith, though it times quite scary, is followed by the thrill of charting new territory. Whether it is learning to ride a bike or planting a new church, the adventure we find in a life lived with Jesus is awesome.

Oh, and if you have never tried sushi (real sushi, not California rolls), you just have to believe us when we say it is simply delicious! Go ahead, take off the training wheels and dive into the delicacy!