Leadership Change

Posted on Posted in 2009, Ministry News

Last week, Asian Access held a conference on leadership that brought together about 180 pastors from across Japan. The speaker was Robert Logan, an experienced pastor, church planter and leadership coach from America. Bob has worked with Asian Access in the past to help us equip and release leaders for ministry in Japan.


You can see from the room setup that it was done lecture style; however, Bob did a great job of having participants form “breakout groups” where they could begin tackling the concepts presented. There was a heavy focus on raising up new leaders and passing the baton. That baton pass thing, wow, that is something that leaders around the globe struggle with, and we were excited to be able to provide some great teaching to help in the process. Also, we gave a killer charge to actually DO IT!

I was able to interact with a number of pastors, and I am looking forward to the follow-up we will do with pastors in the Osaka/Kobe region. It was encouraging to spend time with pastors who are seeking to transform themselves, their congregations, and this nation with the power of the gospel!


Here I am hanging out in the back. Usually I was up in front, though. In addition to networking with pastors and seeking opportunities for future church planting projects, I had fun handling the video responsibilities, as well as recording the talks. (Love my new Tascam DR-07! Easy to record in mp3 and sounds great.)

Thanks for praying for us as we seek to identify, develop and release Kingdom leaders across Japan.