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K- and I have been learning karate for the past two years. We started for a bunch of reasons:

  • To make friends in the community.
  • To learn more about Japan.
  • To get exercise.
  • To spend time together.
  • To learn discipline
  • To learn to kick butt.

It has been a fun part of our overall strategy of becoming full members of our community that we may incarnate the love of Christ.

This weekend we had tests to advance in belt color. K- advanced a level, but will stay an orange belt. I advanced 2 levels and will become a green belt.

Follow this link to watch K-‘s recent karate sparring match. He did a great job and won his match!
ken-kumite.mov (1’40”)

Follow this link to watch K- do his “kata”, a set series of moves.
ken-kata.mov (40″)

I don’t have any video of me, but here is a picture from my match. Besides getting kicked in the head and punched in the face (thank goodness for helmets and knuckle pads), I was able to score some points and had a great time. Didn’t win, but lived to fight again!