Japan’s Best Bacon Cheeseburger

Posted on Posted in 2008

On Sunday we went out to lunch with some friends, and they introduced us to a small bakery/cafe, called Esquerre, located in Nishinomiya. I am always skeptical when someone invites us to a hamburger place, because it usually means something like Bikuri Donkey. (We call it Bikuri Burp, because that’s what you get when you eat there.) However, today I WAS BLOWN AWAY!

Hands down, I ate the best bacon cheeseburger served in Japan. THE BEST! Everything from the bun (freshly baked) to the thick slices of bacon (they make it special) to the 150gm patty was delicious. It was the best burger I have eaten in years. Here I am tasting a bit of heaven!


If you are in Kansai, make the trip to Esquerre, it is worth it. The cafe is small, and has a great atmosphere. Hey, they even have root beer!