Internship Description

Sunrise International is an evangelical Christian mission agency that focuses on evangelism, disciple-making, and church planting. Our program allows you to live and serve alongside us in our local community, proclaiming Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.


Internship Purpose
The goal of the three-month internship is to understand Sunrise and our local ministry, be equipped to serve in Japan, experience personal growth, and explore long-term opportunities in Japan. We focus on the following:
  1. Maintain and grow in a love relationship with Jesus through discipleship with Sunrise missionaries. Gain a solid understanding of the beliefs and values of Sunrise, including our model of house church, discipleship, and emphasis on the love relationship with Jesus.
  2. Begin to build a strong foundation in Japanese language and culture by spending time with Japanese people.
  3. Receive training and engage in relational outreach. This will include, but is not limited to, teaching English classes, joining after-school programs for children, leading/participating in hobby classes and outdoor activities, men’s/women’s ministry, youth ministry and outreach events.
  4. Begin to identify how one's talents and passions may be fully used in Japan.
  5. Participate in local worship; including, but not limited to, helping to lead worship, giving testimonials, facilitating prayer, and Scripture reading times.
  6. Be part of a team. We expect to learn as much from our interns as they do from us. We aim for team relationships to be safe, honest and transparent so that we may all share and learn from each other.


Application Process
Applying to this program is based on a personal relationship with us. We will not consider unsolicited applications. Before applying, we want to get to know you, including prior ministry/work experience. Participation in the internship program requires prior experience, solid references and a demonstrated passion for Jesus and people.


Pre-Field Preparations
  1. Regular communication with Sunrise staff, giving and receiving regular preparation status updates.
  2. Read and discuss books from a pre-selected reading list.
  3. Raise up a strong prayer and financial support team. Funds must be raised prior to coming to Japan.


Equipping Process
We follow a five-step equipping process with all interns. Each step is a combination of training, application and reflection.
  • We do - you watch
  • We do - you help
  • You do - we help
  • You do - we watch
  • You do - a new person watches
This process is applied to all aspects of equipping, and reflects a commitment to hands-on training that is easily reproducible. Learn to equip others while you are being equipped!


Training Topics
  1. Theology:  We work together to explore theology in the context of missions so that our lives and outreach are soundly based in Scripture.
  2. Culture:  Presentation of Japanese values, mindset and worldview that interns will encounter while here. We will read through and discuss multiple books, as well as hold live lectures and discussions with Japanese nationals. In addition, interns will explore both city and countryside in order to better understand the Japanese people.
  3. Language: Training in language acquisition models and practical Japanese. All interns will work towards a mutually decided upon set of Japanese language goals, based on each intern's Japanese ability upon arriving in Japan.
  4. English Ministry: TESOL philosophy and practical training on teaching English classes. Because English is our first point of contact with many in our local community, we have a solid commitment to excellence in teaching as part of our proclamation of Jesus. Training includes lectures on TESOL, developing lessons, shadow teaching, and practice teaching in actual classes. As part of the English Ministry, interns will plan and hold weekly outreach events that are meant to foster relationships and provide opportunities to display the love of Christ.
  5. Discipleship (English & Japanese): Presentation of the Cross Bible Study as one method of personal devotions, and as a resource for disciple making. Interns will have opportunities to practice leading others through the CBS.
  6. Listening Prayer: We hold regular, consistent team meetings to hear from God together, discuss what we are learning, seek answers to questions we have, map out course changes, and plan activities.
  7. And more: Interns will learn about leading Bible studies, worship through music, Japanese cooking, and Japanese cultural activities. Most interns will experience a short homestay with Japanese families while here. We also will explore issues related specifically to being a missionary, such as communication with supporters and donor relations.


Current cost of a three-month internship is:
  1. Roundtrip airfare to Osaka International Airport (KIX).
  2. Travel insurance for the three-month period.
  3. Daily expenses x number of days in Japan.
    1. ¥1000 /day for room and utilities.
    2. ¥1500 /day for meals.
    3. ¥200 /day for travel.


Living Situation
Interns live communally in a three-story house. The first floor houses our activity space. The second and third floors are dedicated male/female dorm areas (with the exception of the living/dining/kitchen area; and bath, which are shared.) This house is just a three-minute walk from our home, and its close proximity is convenient for training, discipleship and ministry. A powerful way to shine Christ to our community is to be good neighbors, so we keep in accordance with both our rental contract and the neighborhood's rules on noise, activity curfews, parking, trash, etc.  


If you would like more information, contact us. Download a printable flyer. International A4-size | US Letter-size  

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