In Celebration

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Maryjane Moser Thomson
October 8, 1926 – June 27, 2009

My mom passed away Saturday. Her health has been failing over the past year, and last week I got a call from my brother that things were not looking good. We immediately bumped-up our Home Assignment travel plans to be with her. Before leaving Japan, my brother held up his cell phone to her ear and well all shouted out our love for her. On the way to California, just two hours from reaching her, mom was gone.

I went straight from the airport to her residence, where my brother was waiting. Though mom was already with Jesus, I was blessed to have a final moment with her and give a final kiss goodbye.

This is the last picture I have with my mom, taken in September of last year. I last saw her in January of this year.


While I wasn’t expecting to start this Home Assignment in this way, I am thankful for God’s timing and that he is in control. We now have time with my brother and his family, a special chance to celebrate my mother.

Thanks for your prayers for my family during this time.