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This past week, we were discussing the idea of Sabbath with some of our co-workers. That God created it is not an issue, nor that we were designed with a need for rest in Jesus. But what it means as a follower of Jesus, not as one under the law, to practice the Sabbath is something worthy of our time and energy to consider. I am not going to make any statements about what Sabbath rest should look like, but do invite all readers to join me in the exploration of what God might be saying to you.

One of the ways that I personally find rest is through laughter with loved ones. Since we, and our co-workers, are plugged into ministry situations where we expend a lot of emotional and spiritual energy, sometimes we just need to unplug from it. Do something completely different, learn to laugh, and just have some fun. Lately, we have been learning to be heroes.

Guitar Hero, that is! Just some crazy fun to relax and unwind. Take our mind off of things. Learn a new, rather useless, skill. Be a little crazy. Here are some of my favorite shots.

Here’s Keishi, working on a little Foghat.


And Kazumi, cheered on by Wendi, playing “Hit Me With Your Best Shot.”


Jeffery, from down in Okinawa, I think might have been jamming to Kiss.


Me, enjoying some good ‘ole GNR.


And then there is N, who eschews the guitar for drums (Oh, how I love her!), and finds most pleasure when playing in a tutu.


Sabbath is a gift from God! I love to rest in Jesus!