Half Marathon

Posted on Posted in 2008, Family News

When I turned 40, I turned dumb. Not that I entered into a mid-life crisis, but rather I thought about all the things I had not yet done but still wanted to do, and that I was running out of time to do them. Amazing how many silly things ended up on the list. One of them was to run a marathon. Don’t ask why, I really can’t explain.

So about 1.5 years ago I began training with high hopes. When I almost died after running just 3km, I realized that it was going to be a long process.

After a year of training off and on, I ran my first 8km last summer. In the fall I found that I actually was having a good time running, and in November ran my first 10km. That got my hooked and I have been a mini “Forest Gump” since. (Not the young Forest with braces on his legs, but the adult that went through a running phase.)

Yesterday, I ran my first half marathon. I came in 1650th place, out of 2010 other men with a time of 2:10:34. Kind of slow, but it felt great to cross the finish line. I also felt like I was going to die, so it may be another year until I work up to a marathon.

So what’s on your list of things to do? Big things, small things? And what’s keeping you from doing them? Why not pick one and go for it today!