Getting it done!

Posted on Posted in 2011, Ministry News

Here are some of my favorite shots from our work in the disaster areas. We have settled in on one area in the city of Ishinomaki. It’s working class fishermen. Real people, real lives.
The first time we visited the Kazuma area of this city, this is what the local park looked like.

The city got rid of the cars six weeks later and we went to work.

We took it from the above, to this…

After three days of work, we held a huge BBQ for the neighborhood.

Hundreds of people came out for hot dogs, chicken, pasta salad, fresh fruit, chips and candy. It was the first time in almost two months that the park was used, and it was so awesome to see people laughing and enjoying one another. The kids even had some soccer action going on.

Hearing the laughter was a blessing! All this done in the name of Jesus to love on Japan!