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Life is full of “firsts”. Personally, I like new things. There is an excitement surrounding the unknown and finding new potential.

Yesterday, Nina made her first attempt at putting on make-up by herself. We don’t think Sophia appreciated Nina’s foray into her make-up drawer, but then again, this father wants to know why his eight-year-old daughter has a make-up drawer! It was a nice first for Nina, who also raided her sister’s ballet clothes.


Last week, we had another first. The church we partner with is looking for ways to reach further into the local community. One avenue we are exploring is a partnership with the local YMCA. One possibility is a “conversation cafe” where patrons can freely come and go and speak English. The first trial run was dubbed “Peter’s Cafe” and was a fun time of serving coffee and cakes and speaking lot’s of English with the patrons.


Overall, it was a success in terms of seeing the potential. I enjoyed serving up the coffee and cake, though have no desire to begin a new career as a barista. Hanging out and talking with people was a blast. Loved the chance to let Jesus shine though me. Now we are praying about if, how and when we should move forward.

Why don’t you go out and make a new “first” this week!