Family Caffeination

Posted on Posted in 2009, Family News

Starbucks opened a very cool store in Kobe a few months ago. It is in a 100-year old house in a section of Kobe that used to house embassies. Some might not want a multinational corporation to be in such a building, but it is better than it sitting there empty and rotting. Today was a national holiday in Japan, so we took in some of the old buildings, and got a little caffeine.


The building is great, and both floors are open to use, full of typical Starbucks cushy chairs and lots of space.


The girls liked the fireplace. And chai tea latte.


Some cocoa for T-.


Dark mocha frappachino for K-.

It was a fun family day, and included getting together wih the A2 family in the Osaka/Kobe area for a BBQ, hosted by one of the A2 Board members. First BBQ of the season, and it was awesome!


Hope you had a great day, too.