Discovery Camp

Posted on Posted in 2010, Ministry News

This past Saturday we ran a half-day camp, which focused on child-rearing. Called “Discovery Camp” we used orienteering and games to help families bond together, and equipped parents with life skills in the area of supporting and coaching their children. For example, when a child is faced with a challenge, when, at what degree, and in what manner should a parent get involved? For children, we focused on helping them to work hard on their own and not overly depend on parents. We began the camp by providing simple coaching skills to the parents (while the kids played Human Bowling), and then used the fun activities to put the skills into practice.

For the orienteering course, we set up six different stations. Campers used compasses and simple directions to find the stations, and then at each station, had to solve a puzzle or perform a task, such as write a poem. Parents were to help their children, but not quickly provide answers or perform the task for the child. Here are some campers learning to use their compasses.

Here, K’s team is trying to unscramble Japanese letters to figure out where to go next.

After lunch, we moved in doors and focused on games that promoted teamwork and cooperation. This team is trying to figure out their strategy for playing Rock, Paper, Scissors as a team.

Overall, the camp was a success and we received great feedback from the parents. This was our first attempt at a camp like this, so after some reflection and processing of the day, we will see about holding camps like this on a regular basis.