Bible Club

Posted on Posted in 2009, Ministry News

This past Sunday, we had a “Bible Club” meeting at our home. We love these opportunities to invite friends over, spend time together, laugh a lot, and introduce people to Jesus.

This time we talked about how the Bible is God’s love letter to us. We passed out Manga Bibles to all the kids in attendance. As soon as they had them in their hands, we almost lost them; they just started reading away. It was so awesome!


Everyone took time to read through the Sermon on the Mount, parents reading together with their children. (The picture above is of our church planting partner Keishi reading with a neighbor boy.) Then in small groups we shared something that impressed us, or that we had a question about. Then, we shared our thoughts in the large group. We loved seeing Scripture through the eyes of our friends.


Thanks for praying for us. We love this ministry! We love these friends!