Base camps

Posted on Posted in 2011, Ministry News

I am on my way to Sendai city, where most of the coastal areas were devastated. On Sunday, 90 tons of relief is scheduled to come in from Samaritan’s Purse. Their chartered 747 will take it to a US airbase today, and then it will be flown to Sendai airport, which cannot accommodate a 747. Our team will help get the relief to base camps, from which it will go out.
After this is completed, we will work to set up new base camps. Our role is to connect with already identified possible locations and determine the viability. Once we have the base we will identify where aid and volunteers are needed. Currently, the situation is too volatile to take teams, our role is to prepare.
I am part of a six man team. We are also traveling up with six journalists. We are committed to safety.
Thank you for your prayers for myself and the Japanese people.