We are Peter and Wendi Thomson, serving as missionaries in Japan since 1988. We serve with Sunrise International Ministries and currently reside in western Japan.

We are collaborating with national partners to bring Kingdom transformation to Japan. Our desire is to see the whole of society impacted by the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We do this through...

  1. Sharing the love of Jesus in our local community through an education center.
  2. Supporting and equipping small businesses based on Kingdom principles.
  3. Equipping and releasing disciples of Jesus who will impact their communities.
  4. Supporting young leaders and new Kingdom communities (the Church).
  5. Utilizing models and plans that focus on the everyday lives of the Japanese people.

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For more information about Sunrise International Ministries, visit our mission's website.

To respect the privacy of those to whom we minister, we do not post photos or names on our website.