Year-end Thought 3

Posted on Posted in 2011, Ministry News

When I’m passionate, I’m willing to be patient. Not a “do nothing” sort of patience. But a deliberate, focused, hopeful patience that is rooted in my passion.

That’s my final reflection for 2011. (I actually have many more, but would rather move forward with 2012.) The past year, with all its twists and bumps, sent us in some new directions, but we never lost focus on the vision the Lord has given us. I found a new level of patience was required in order to wait for the vision to be realized. (Still waiting…)

There were times when I felt my patience waning, but when I went focused on why I was waiting, and on what I was waiting for, I noticed my mind and heart moving off the idea of waiting and onto that of our vision, including the passion we have for it to be fulfilled. Along the way, I learned new things and gained experience that will help us achieve our goals.

Patience flows from passion. Like waiting for ribs to be done on the BBQ. A passion for great ribs means I am willing to cook them slowly until just the right moment. I don’t disdain the wait because I know what is coming.

Patience in ministry flows from a passionate relationship with Christ. A love relationship that provides focus and direction. A love relationship that leads to really good things. A love relationship that makes life really tasty and a whole lot o’ fun.

Passion… I want more. I want Jesus!

…and some ribs…