Year-end Thought 2

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Even though 2012 is upon us, I’m still giving thought to 2011 and some of the lessons I learned. Upon reflection, I came back to the question, “What am I hungry for?”

I may be standing on thin ice with the grammar police with this one, but I like the edgy feel of it. And no matter how hard I try, I’m not motivated by asking myself the question, “For what are you hungry?”

For much of 2011 I found myself putting goals and plans on hold in order to meet the needs that were before us. I have no regrets, and feel the Lord honored our desire to be used by him with ministry that impacted lives for the Kingdom. Flexibility is an important ingredient to success and we did it well in 2011.

Along with flexibility, I realize anew the importance of focus. When I answer the hunger question, I am discovering the areas upon which I need to focus. Focus directs my prayers. It directs how I use my resources, and shows areas that I need to develop. Focus directs my daily activities. It brings perspective.

I’m not going to answer the question in this post. The list is not the lesson. The question is. And along with the question, it’s also about the person asking, which in my case is Jesus.

“What am I hungry for?”

How about you?