Vita Rumpo

Posted on Posted in 2009, Family News

Sometimes  a “life interrupted” is nothing but pure joy and celebration. Here are some of our favorite “vita rumpo” shots from the past week.

T- graduated from kindergarten. Here he is with Wendi and his teacher. It was a great celebration, and he even received a diploma.


Along the way, he has lost a few teeth. How can we not celebrate this stage of life with a nice photo? T- starts 1st grade in just a few weeks.


S- celebrated her 9th birthday with a Hannah Montana theme. Nice guitar cake, mom! S- starts 4th grade in April.


N- is 3, going on I don’t know what. Everything is said with amazing emotion. I love every huggle and snuggle. N- sure enjoyed that blue lollypop!


Then there is K-, who now will be a BMOC as a 6th grader in April. He’s a great big brother.


Vita rumpo, bring it on!