Update for Financial Donors

Posted on Posted in 2012, Ministry News

For those who have blessed this ministry through financial giving, our desire is for you to transition with us to Sunrise, and for this to be a simple process. You can be assured of the same financial integrity at Sunrise that you experienced with Asian Access. Sunrise is a 501(c)(3) organization, so donations made to Sunrise may be used to reduce your taxable income.

If you are a financial donor, please direct all future giving to Sunrise.(Click the image.)

  • If you send checks, please print and mail the form on the right with your check.
  • You may use this form to set up automatic giving via Electronic Funds Transfer.
  • If you would like to give via credit card, follow this link to the Sunrise website to give securely through PayPal. (Scroll down the page to find our names.)

Sunrise handles receipting differently then Asian Access. Unlike Asian Access, Sunrise does not issue receipts monthly. Sunrise issues a yearly receipt each January, which covers giving for the previous calendar year. If you are a monthly donor and have relied on Asian Access’ monthly receipt to remind you to give, we have two suggestions. First, consider giving automatically via Electronic Funds Transfer. This may be done via the same form. It’s simple, safe, and may be stopped at anytime just by notifying Sunrise. The second option is to send us an email and request a ‘reminder notice’. Once a month, we’ll send a brief email that will include a printable form as a reminder to give.

As with Asian Access, all Sunrise missionaries raise financial support. Our transition to Sunrise was not motivated by financial reasons, though we do expect to find some savings. Sunrise is a smaller organization and allows us greater autonomy when making decisions in areas such as retirement and health care. These savings will come at a time when the value of the dollar remains very low against the yen and should provide some relief for us.

If you have any questions regarding financial giving, please send us an email. Thank you for your financial support of this ministry and our family.