Posted on Posted in 2012, Ministry News

As of October 1, we have officially become members of Sunrise International Ministries. If you have been following our newsletters over the past year, you already knew the transition was coming.

We thought we’d take a moment to share again why we are transitioning. First of all, we still love and respect Asian Access, the mission we have been with for over twenty-four years. We are grateful for everything the Lord has done in and through our time with this mission.

Over the past five years, our vision has shifted to develop leaders and multiply congregations in “marketplace ministries”, and less on professional clergy and existing congregations. Sunrise is able to provide needed vision, direction, experience and discipleship for this to happen. We will still collaborate with Asian Access in various projects, as these two organizations have already been partnering for over fifteen years, which will be great.

We are excited to work alongside the Sunrise family to proclaim the love of Christ to the Japanese people. We look forward to you getting to know this family, too. Check out the Sunrise webpage to learn more.