Stew Party

Posted on Posted in 2011, Ministry News

Fall is the time for “nabe” in Japan. Nabe is the large pot used to cook all kinds of delicious stews, and many regions in Japan are famous for their unique variation. While living in Yamagata, northern Japan, we were introduced to imoni, a type of stew using yaro. Maybe it’s yaro, or related to yaro, but it’s sort of a funky potato-type thing. Yamagata goes all out and has a massive festival each fall. The pot is so big that cranes are used to scoop out the stew. Check out this link to see the size of the pot! (Recipe from this page translated below.)

Coming up, we’re holding an “Imoni Party” mash-up. It’s a great way to celebrate the fall, a great opportunity to invite our friends to experience the fragrance of Christ in the fellowship of believers, and a great chance to each some really good food. Here’s the whimsical flyer we cooked up for the party. Thanks for keeping it in your prayers.

Imoni Recipe for 4 people

Potatoes・・・630g (small or cut into bites size)
Konyaku・・・1 slab (cut into bite size)
Long Onions・・・1 (cut into bite size)
Beef strips・・・300g (Thinly sliced, kind of like shredded)
Water・・・6 cups
Sugar・・・to your taste
Soy Sauce・・・to your taste
Sake・・・to your taste

Put the water, sake and a little soy sauce in a pot along with the potatoes and konyaku. Cook over medium heat.

When the potatoes get soft, add the meat, add more soy sauce and sugar to taste.

Lastly, add the onions. (And some kinoko mushrooms for some fall flavor!)