Posted on Posted in 2008

Our good friend Joel wrote that the name of our updated website reminded him of the song performed by the group Madness way back (way , way back!) in 1979. And he is right! How many of you can hear that ska rhythm playing in your head right now?

So why did we choose this name? Two reasons…

1. One Step Beyond is meant to take our ministry partners further into our lives and ministry here in Japan. We want to provide more detail (in 60 seconds or less), on what God is up to in Japan. It is a deeper step into what is happening, and opens the door for us to develop an interactive community with you.

2. Following Jesus is utter madness! The world looks at us as foolish, and that we are! Yet in this foolishness we live in a dynamic love relationship with the King of the Universe. Jesus provides this killer tune to which we dance a life of praise to him. For our family, it has led us to Japan. For you, the dance takes you in a different direction. But isn’t awesome to be on the dance floor together!

The cherry trees are blooming in Sanda right now. They are an awesome display of God’s genius. They seem to be just lifting their branches in praise to the Creator. We’re out the door to go soak in their beauty and offer some praise of our own.

Life is madness, in a beautiful way!

We love this madness!

Hear the rhythms and dance!