Late Slip

Posted on Posted in 2009, Ministry News

I remember back to my school days, when arriving late to school required a note from my mom with a compelling reason. I can even recall some of my failed attempts to write notes on my mom’s behalf, with the oft result being a truancy note. Never did get her handwriting down…

This week I attended a meeting in Tokyo of mission leaders from mission agencies across Japan. It was a great time of seeking greater cooperation among agencies and greater partnerships with Japanese churches.

On both days of the trip, the trains were running behind schedule. When I got off the train and went through the ticket wicket, station staff were handing out “late slips” for people to give to their employers to explain their tardiness. Here are both of mine.


The hole punch shows the day of the month, and the note at the bottom states that the trains were running 30 and 40 minutes late on these days.

I am not sure of the reason for the delay on the second day, but on the first day it was because of a suicide. A tragic reminder of why I was attending the meetings in the first place.

May the Lord use so that we never need to see late slips passed out for this reason again.