Jesus is Lord

Posted on Posted in 2011, Ministry News

Thanks for allowing me to make short posts about what has been happening here in Northern Japan. I would love to make longer posts, but time is short and I am posting from my phone.
Last night, I attended a weekly meeting of pastors that are coming together to respond to the disaster. It is a great group representing many denominations. At this meeting, a pastor from Kesennuma shared about how his church and home had been totally swept away by the tsunami. Despite having lost everything, he shared how now is the time to share the love of Christ with people. There was joy, hope and love in his voice. I was deeply moved by the faith and hope of this brother.
We have been able to support churches, provide direct relief in the name of the local churches to evacuation centers, and help search evacuation centers for people that know we are here and are sending requests to find loved ones.
One of my main foci now is to help prepare the systems for the coming months of ministry.
For more info, check out the stories a group of reporters have produced. They traveled up to Tohoku with us and have been staying at the same base camp in a seminary.
Thanks so much for your prayers!