Jammin’ 5th Graders

Posted on Posted in 2008, Family News

This week was “Ongakukai” (School Music Recital) at K- and S-‘s elementary school. Each grade combines all classes and the students work on a performance together.

This year, one piece that K-‘s fifth grade class performed was “Mas Que Nada”. For those of us that have been around awhile, we remember Sergio Mendes and Brasill ’66 performing it. You young folk might know a more recent cover by The Black Eye Peas.

You have got to watch this video! We never knew that recorders, harmonicas and accordions could jam so well. The kids were awesome! Click the picture below to watch the video, which will open in a new window and is about 6MB.


Looking for K-? He scratches his head at 1:07 on the left side. He’s also the only blond kid.