Impact Japan with the Love of Christ

Posted on Posted in 2009, Ministry News

Why Japan?
Riding the wave of decades of economic prosperity, Japan has been, and remains, one of the most orderly and admirable societies in the world. Yet leaders in Japan have characterized their own nation as “a super power without a moral compass.” Only 1% of Japan’s 127 million people believe in Jesus Christ. There is great need for the Church to take the Gospel to this nation.

Why now?
Japan is at a point in its history where it is experiencing unprecedented social upheaval, which creates anxiety and uncertainty throughout the culture. Every segment of the population is impacted. Evidence of this is seen in the rising rates of divorce, suicide, domestic violence and juvenile delinquency. Most Japanese have a sense that “something is wrong”, yet have no idea how to address the problems. As believers in Jesus Christ, we have Truth to offer.

Our mission.
Our ministry philosophy is to work in close partnership with local churches to develop and release leaders (on all levels) and equip congregations for ministry.

Leadership development centers on nurturing a love relationship with God and utilizes a transformational process for life-long spiritual growth. Programs are led by national pastors and Asian Access helps to facilitate the process.

Our ministry strategy for planting new churches in Japan is to form ‘Church Multiplication Networks’. A network is a group of three-to-six churches that come together for practical training over a three-year period, during which each church plants a new congregation. Our materials are principle-based, focusing on evangelism and discipleship, and are strengthened by on-site coaching.

More than introducing programs to you, allow us to tell the stories of lives transformed as we incarnationally share the love of Christ. Of young believers like Nobuko Souma in Japan, who first heard the gospel in a church English class, put her faith in Christ, and now leads teams of missionaries throughout Japan and Asia. Or of Pastor Arenbald in Mongolia, who entered the leadership program to be a better pastor and graduated a transformed husband, father and leader that now seeks to lead a church multiplication movement in his country. This is the essence of Asian Access!

The future.
We are excited to be a part of God’s work in Japan. On our next term, we will begin developing a new generation of emerging leaders through innovation in technology and networks. In addition to planting a church in our city of Sanda, we will help launch new church planting networks throughout Japan. Lastly, we will continue to provide leadership for the mission in Japan while serving as the Director of Personnel.

How you can be involved.
Currently, we are building strategic partnerships with individuals and churches to further this ministry in Japan. We are seeking partners with a shared vision and passion to develop national leadership, plant reproducing congregations, and spread the love of Christ. This includes both financial and prayer support, and we invite you to become a prayer and financial partner of this ministry.

Thank you for the time you have given to read this introduction. We would love to share more of our vision, hear how the Lord is working in your life, and if so led, begin working together for the sake of Christ.

We love Japan, the Japanese people, and the ministry we have here. We believe that we can partner together to have a powerful impact for the Kingdom throughout Japan and Asia. May the Lord’s will be done!

( Some of this information and wording has been taken from the Asian Access website.)

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