Delicious Imoni!

Imonikai Mash-up

Posted on Posted in 2011, Ministry News

We had a great time at our Imonikai Mash-up. How can one not have fun when food and friends are involved? You might remember from previous posts that “imoni” is a type of Japanese stew, and “mash-ups” are parties we throw so that are friends can taste the goodness of God in the context of the fellowship of believers.

First, the imoni. It was soooo good! A blend of beef, potatoes, mountain potatoes, konyaku, onions, etc in a soy-based soup. Here’s Wendi and Kazumi with the final product.

For games, we made paper airplanes and had a contest to see who could get them through a hula hoop. Hurray for the internet teaching us a good design.

We also played ‘crab volleyball’, where a balloon was the ball and only the feet could be used. The adults got into the action, too.

At the end, those of us who recently did relief work up in norther Japan had a chance to share about the time there.

The mash-up was great because one again our friends were able to taste and see that the Lord is good.