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One of the things that I like about Japan is that we do a good job of honoring people. My American side thinks that things are usually a bit longer than needed, but my Japanese side likes that we take the time. K graduated from elementary school today. Job well done, son. Here he is with his diploma.


After his named was called, before receiving his diploma, he gave a brief speech. He shared that he would like to be an inventor and thanked his family for our support.

One part of the ceremony that I liked was the “baton touch” of leadership from 6th graders to 5th graders. The entire 5th grade class attended the ceremony (demonstrating amazing patience!) as a send off. The 6th graders shared words of encouragement to lead well and the 5th graders wished success in Jr. High. Then the sang a song together, trading stanzas, and repeating a chorus of farewell, thanks and see you again. What an awesome way to honor both classes!

So now we are on spring break for the next two weeks, and looking forward to April when K enters Jr. High and N enters kindergarten.