Got Camels?

Posted on Posted in 2008, Family News

Hey, it’s summertime and we took a few days for relaxation. Just a few hours drive from our house and we were in a different world. Check it out!


We got camels, baby! That’s right, just a few hours from our house are Japan’s only naturally occurring sand dunes, complete with camels. The kids had a great time riding, and I (Peter) has a great time running. That’s right, running. Check out how high these dunes are behind Wendi and kids!


Can you see those specks on the dune? Those are people walking up it! And the view from the top of that dune was awesome. Have a look.


What a view on a beautiful summer day! You can’t tell from the picture, but just a few steps behind me and the dune went steeply down, about six stories, to the ocean. I had so much fun running down. I felt like I was bouncing in space. What a blast! But at the bottom I was like a sand candle. You know, those candles you made at summer camp that come out all cover with sand? Well, that’s what happens on a hot, humid summer day when running down a sand dune.

What a great time we had. Hope you are having a fun summer, too!