Gossip Jesus

Posted on Posted in 2008, Ministry News

In our most recent newsletter, we wrote about the words a Chinese missionary planting churches in the Philippines used to describe evangelism. He simply said, “We need to gossip Jesus.”

It only took a minute of thinking it over before I began to get excited. I am not sure if it is because of the mix of the sacred (Jesus) and the profane (gossip), or because it is a little funky on the grammatical side, but I just got a huge smile on my face.

Gossip is all about sharing juicy information with others. Tidbits and details about people’s lives. It makes our ears perk up. Makes us want to listen. Makes us want to pass on the info to others. We discuss it over coffee and share it on a blog.

Before I am accused of promoting sin, let me flat out say that gossip is sin, it hurts others and as a follower of Jesus we should not do it.

But think about sharing Jesus the in the same vein as sharing gossip. When was the last time that I shared about Jesus in such a way that people leaned forward with their cup of coffee and said “Tell me more.”? This is what I am talking about. I want to give people the juicy details of what Jesus does in our lives. And talking about Jesus this way happens anywhere. In the supermarket check out line. Picking up the kids at school. At the gym. Everywhere is place to gossip Jesus.

Today, I am up for some gossip. How about you?