Figuring things out…

Posted on Posted in 2010, Ministry News

At a gathering of innovative leaders held earlier this month, one of the things that I was most excited about was for us to be able to “list up” the themes we thought we were hearing from God. (‘List up’ may be a Japanese phrase, but it now resides in my brain’s English lexicon.) None of the items are earth-shattering. That’s not the point. What excites is me is that God spoke, we listened, and now we can take the next steps. So here’s the list, without too much explanation. If you have a question, let me know.

  1. 収穫:Harvest – The Lord is asking us to get prepared for a harvest.
  2. 郵便配達人:Postman – The Lord wants us to be delivery people, faithfully telling/doing that which we have received from Father.
  3. バトン:Baton – We need to be equipping and reproducing the next generation.
  4. いやし:Healing – Japan is a nation in need of healing, especially from emotional wounds.
  5. シンプル:Simple – Keep it simple. Easy to equip, easy to pass on.
  6. 畑を耕す:Farming/cultivation – Every believer knows how to take care of the field the Lord has given them.
  7. 一つのメロディー:One Song/Melody – We must be united in vision and singing together.

We placed all this on a foundation of love and loving relationships, coupled with the call to die to one’s self.

Where do we go from here? Well, that’s what we’ll be praying and talking about this coming Saturday. Please pray for us!