Mission Trip

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Unless we count S’s entire life growing up as a missionary kid, she will soon take her first mission trip. Peter and a friend from First Presbyterian Church of Bellevue will be going up to Ishinomaki, northern Japan, to help with the tsunami relief for a week. S will be going for four of these […]


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One of the things that I like about Japan is that we do a good job of honoring people. My American side thinks that things are usually a bit longer than needed, but my Japanese side likes that we take the time. K graduated from elementary school today. Job well done, son. Here he is […]

Moats Required

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We have a small backyard and I like it. I attempt to grow grass in it every year, but I grow more weeds than grass. Yesterday the boys decided to build a fort. Or maybe it is a castle. Whatever it is, they decided it needed a moat. There went my grass. Or weeds. I […]

Raising Funds

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While on a museum visit, we thought about a unique opportunity to raise some additional support. Since the idea was illegal, we passed on it. But there it was, right behind the kids. $107 million hanging on the wall. We just didn’t think we could get away with it. With their cousin D-.

Jane Thomson Memorial Service

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This update is for friends of my family in the Southern California area. The Memorial Service for my mom will be Wednesday, July 15 at 11:00. It will be held at the First United Methodist Church of Huntington Beach, with a luncheon following the service in the Fellowship Hall. If you are coming, let me […]