Back from the Summer

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Hi Friends! We took the summer off from updating our blog, but now that the fall is here (though it’s still really hot in Japan) we’re looking forward to renewed connections. We had a great summer, which included some family time on the Sea of Japan and up in Nagano. Lot’s of fun. We also […]


The Office

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When we moved to our current location eight years, I was excited to finally have an office. A desk, bookshelves, a couch for meetings and matching curtains and rugs. It was the first time I had my own office. Kind of cool. It was a great place to work and for the kids to occasionally […]


Parent/Teacher Conference

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Had a parent/teacher conference for our oldest today. Overall, it was fine. I’ve learned to filter these meetings through a “this is how they do it in Japan” filter. The teacher did have some positive words to say, which was great. However, here in Japan, usually things are only discussed that need fixing. So you […]



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About 4.5 years ago I took up running to lose weight and shape-up. As I thought about what I would like to accomplish over the second half of my life, I realized that it would be hampered by poor health. While I wasn’t sick, my middle was bigger than it should have been, and I […]