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About 4.5 years ago I took up running to lose weight and shape-up. As I thought about what I would like to accomplish over the second half of my life, I realized that it would be hampered by poor health. While I wasn’t sick, my middle was bigger than it should have been, and I […]

Delicious Imoni!

Imonikai Mash-up

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We had a great time at our Imonikai Mash-up. How can one not have fun when food and friends are involved? You might remember from previous posts that “imoni” is a type of Japanese stew, and “mash-ups” are parties we throw so that are friends can taste the goodness of God in the context of […]


Before & After

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Here are a few more photos from the relief work done last week in northern Japan. These pictures are from Onagawa, a hard-hit city. Most of the city is in ruins. Land around the port sunk over a meter from the earthquake and tsunami, and I have no idea how such a small fishing town […]


Be, Walk, Dont Forget

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I (Peter) am spending a week in Ishinomaki City, northern Japan, to continue helping the recovery efforts from the March 11 tsunami. It is a very different place than when I was last here in May. On the good side, a lot of amazing work has been done to remove debris, provide temporary housing and […]


October Newsletter

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Here’s a link to our latest newsletter in PDF format. When you have a minute, be sure to catch up on what’s new with us. We have an update on vision and a fun report on how our summer in the US went while on Home Assignment. Also some fun pictures from our time in […]


Mission Trip

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Unless we count S’s entire life growing up as a missionary kid, she will soon take her first mission trip. Peter and a friend from First Presbyterian Church of Bellevue will be going up to Ishinomaki, northern Japan, to help with the tsunami relief for a week. S will be going for four of these […]