Year-end Thought 3

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When I’m passionate, I’m willing to be patient. Not a “do nothing” sort of patience. But a deliberate, focused, hopeful patience that is rooted in my passion. That’s my final reflection for 2011. (I actually have many more, but would rather move forward with 2012.) The past year, with all its twists and bumps, sent […]


Year-end Thought 2

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Even though 2012 is upon us, I’m still giving thought to 2011 and some of the lessons I learned. Upon reflection, I came back to the question, “What am I hungry for?” I may be standing on thin ice with the grammar police with this one, but I like the edgy feel of it. And […]


Year-end Thoughts

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Perhaps it’s age-related, but the years really do seem to pass more quickly. I think 2011 took the prize, by far. I distinctly remember watching Die Hard, the movie I watch every year while wrapping Christmas presents, only yesterday. Or what felt like yesterday. It seems impossible that 365 days came and went since the […]


Parent/Teacher Conference

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Had a parent/teacher conference for our oldest today. Overall, it was fine. I’ve learned to filter these meetings through a “this is how they do it in Japan” filter. The teacher did have some positive words to say, which was great. However, here in Japan, usually things are only discussed that need fixing. So you […]


December Newsletter

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We pray that as Christmas approaches, you will be reminded of the amazing love of Jesus for you. He delights over you! Rejoice that the Good News is for you, us, and the entire world! Attached is our Christmas greetings newsletter. Thank you for your ministry partnership.


Celebrating Xmas

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It’s that time of the year, and I love it! Christmas gives us great opportunities to share the awesome love of Jesus with so many. Lot’s of different things going on, from hanging out with friends and neighbors to parties. Below is the sign-up sheet for a party we are throwing for our English students. […]