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On Easter Sunday, we held a joint celebration for the different communities (house churches & home gatherings), and friends we invited, in Sanda. Here are some of the fun shots of a great time celebrating Jesus at a local park. (No, it was not a sunrise service. I don’t like getting up before Jesus.) Hiroshi […]

Discovery Camp

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This past Saturday we ran a half-day camp, which focused on child-rearing. Called “Discovery Camp” we used orienteering and games to help families bond together, and equipped parents with life skills in the area of supporting and coaching their children. For example, when a child is faced with a challenge, when, at what degree, and […]


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One of the things that I like about Japan is that we do a good job of honoring people. My American side thinks that things are usually a bit longer than needed, but my Japanese side likes that we take the time. K graduated from elementary school today. Job well done, son. Here he is […]


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This past week, we were discussing the idea of Sabbath with some of our co-workers. That God created it is not an issue, nor that we were designed with a need for rest in Jesus. But what it means as a follower of Jesus, not as one under the law, to practice the Sabbath is […]

Life Design Network

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In January, we helped launch a new work here in our city of Sanda. One of our ministry partners, Keishi Fujii and his wife Kazumi, began Life Design Network, which provides coaching for businesses, marriages and families. LDN is a business, but has the flavor of a non-profit organization, and our desire is for it […]

Figuring things out…

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At a gathering of innovative leaders held earlier this month, one of the things that I was most excited about was for us to be able to “list up” the themes we thought we were hearing from God. (‘List up’ may be a Japanese phrase, but it now resides in my brain’s English lexicon.) None […]

House Jan 2009

Growing Together

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Earlier in January, we helped bring together some of the visionary people providing leadership and direction in some of the new and developing manifestations of church here in Japan. Going by a number of different names (house, simple, organic, emergent), basically these are people seeking to live out being a disciple of Christ in a […]