Giving A Little Back

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On Christmas day, along with mission colleagues here in the Osaka area, we went caroling at a nearby retirement home. We have done this the past few years and it is fun to see some familiar faces. We really like the opportunity it provides for our children to see beyond Christmas presents and into the […]

Christmas Party

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On the 23rd, we held a Super Funky Party with a Christmas theme for our English students. We played some great games, of course did the Chicken Dance (anytime is a good time for some chicken!), sang Jingle Bells together, and told the Christmas story. This is our ministry partner, Keishi, with his daughter reading […]


Staying the Course

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Yesterday I ran a half-marathon here in Sanda. It was a beautiful day, with perfect weather for running. There were 5,000 in the field. I ran with Mrs. U, the mother of two of the children who come to our English school. Back in September I sent a note home to parents inviting them to […]

Nature and Coaching

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Sundays are typically a mix of resting in the Lord and reaching out to our local community. Some weeks it is mostly time with our family in Christ. Others it is fully in our community. This past Sunday was some of each. We began with a time to reflect on what God is doing and […]

Quick Update

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Sometimes ministry and life converges at such a chaotic pace that things get overlooked. Like our blog. Apologies for not updating lately. Here are some of the things we have been up to. A couple more Mash-up Parties. A parenting class and producing a DVD. A weekend seminar on healing. Prepping for more families to […]

Mashup Party

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Once a month, our fellowship is holding what we call a “Mashup Party”. The purpose is for us to spend time together, share a meal and talk life-on-life. As our lives intersect with one another and Jesus, we expect for something new to emerge. It also allows us to invite friends into our community without […]