Building Trust

Posted on Posted in 2012, Ministry News

A few posts ago we discussed how we are rethinking evangelism. We have come to realize that we are not taking full advantage of the numerous opportunities we have to BE the Church in the relationships we already have. Here is an update on how we are doing this in our English school.

We’ve been exploring ways to help parents interact with their children in English IN THEIR HOMES. We believe that true success in English will not happen by simply attending a class once a week. (Yes, even our classes, as awesome as we think they are.) Most models for lower-elementary English education are grammar-based, classroom-centric, and non-relational. These models exclude a key component of language acquisition; parents.  However, many parents are reluctant to help their children and we believe this is for two reasons; lack of confidence and lack of resources.

We’ve decided to help parents in both of these areas by developing a curriculum that is ‘family-integrated’ and focuses on real language parents can use with their children everyday. The content development is an on-going process. We focus on language functions and vocabulary that can be used in the context of a family. We’re using the web for delivery to parents, targeting smart phones and computers. The goal is to get families talking in English.

Here are two simple videos we made to help parents and children learn together. 2D and super low tech, but fun and engaging at the same time. Parents can watch the video with their kids, practice pronunciation, and then families can commit to using the language each day. A small, simple commitment that can go a long way towards language proficiency.
Greetings Movie
Tableware Movie

We believe this is a win/win for everyone. Families are increasing their language skills AND spending time together. Parents return to having an important role in education. The effectiveness of our classes is increased. Resources are made available to others. Trust relationships deepen. Everything expands. We ‘live Jesus’ at every step. The Church touches lives where life happens.

We’ve looking for people to partner with us to make resources like this. (No matter where you live.) We believe with this model we can have a positive impact on how English is taught in Japan, and truly increase the effectiveness. Contact us if you would like to explore partnership.